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thank you, ADEN's Last Live!
ADENの日本のラストライブ, ありがとうございます

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Pan Ranger, Sanjou out now!

June 30, 2024
My second original song Pan Ranger, Sanjou! is finally out on all streaming platforms and available for digital download on Ko-Fi and Bandcamp! Thank you to everyone who shared their photos and memories with me for the lyric video.
Thank you all for all of your support over these past 3 years and I hope you all really enjoy it!!!


ABout Pan Ranger

Pan Ranger is soloist idol and indie tokusatsu project.
Debut Date: May 27, 2021
This project combines the aesthetic style of tokusatsu from the 1970s-1990's and the stage performance style of idols.Since starting this project, Pan has been involved with the international idol community through being an admin for the International Idol Network and Tri-state idol union.

what are overseas/International idols?

International (or overseas) idols are creators, performers, singers, and dancers inspired by Japanese-style idol culture operating primarily outside of japan.

What is Tokusatsu?

Tokusatsu is a Japanese style of special effects filmmaking. Examples of works in the genre are franchises such as Godzilla, Ultraman, and Kamen Rider.

Can I send Fanmail?

Yes! Please send fanmail to:Pan Ranger
PO Box 1808
Little Egg Harbor Twp, NJ 08087

More Info


if you'd like to cover/use my music, check out my faq here:

Pan Ranger, Sanjou!

Released: June 30, 2024


Released: November 20, 2023

Live/Event History



Kogaracon idol fest* ... May 4th
*As guest mc/host of the event

Castle Point Anime Con

Sweetheart Stars's Sparkling Idol Show ... April 27th

Pan Ranger Birthday Live • Bread party

Independent venue event ... March 9th
STream VOD of whole event
Video of encore

Puchicon Teaneck

Pan ranger pre-birthday party ... March 2nd
Video of Performance


YABAIDORUUU!!! ALT IDOL FESTIVAL '24* ... February 17th
*As member of Yabaidoruuu!!! collective
Video of performance


NorthWest Idolfest

Pan ranger ~ NEXT BATTLE ~
(Solo 30 minute set) ... October 20th

Colossalcon east

cce Summer idol party! ... September 9th
Video of performance

Socal idolfest

Music Festival ... August 12th
Performance highlights video


*Guest performance
Summer of Pan Ranger Tour ~ Pan Liner ☆ Otakon Station ~ (Solo 1 hour set) ... July 28th


YABAIDORUUU!!! Alt Idol Festival* ... July 29th
*As member of Yabaidoruuu!!! collective


Tekko Dance Competition ... July 21st
*Guest performance
Tekko Idol Fest ... July 22nd


metrofest ... July 15th
Video of Performance

delta h con

Kira Kira ENTertainment hero cafe ... June 30th
*As guest for kira kira entertainment's maid cafe
Be Your Own Hero idol showcase ... July 1st
Performance Highlights Video

Puchicon Ac

Shin-Pan-Sen Summer Tour: FIRST TOUR STOP!! ... May 14th
*convention Guest for Puchicon


YABAIDORUUU!!! Alt Idol Festival* ... February 18th
*As member of Yabaidoruuu!!! collective


NorthWest Idol Fest

Ellagarden's Performance Panel ... October 21st
Performance Highlights Video
*As a panel guest with Host, ELlagarden (idol)

*(legally Distinct Entity from ellegarden (band))


Guest Performer with Starshine Theater ... July 29
Performance Digest Video
ANIBeat Idol Festival ... With Signals ... July 30
Video of Performance
Now Presenting Idol Festival ... July 31st
Video of Performance

Puchicon PA

Moe Moe Maid Show! ... May 14-15
*As Cast with Milk Pink Maid Cafe

New Generations Showcase

Virtual ... April 15
3rd Place Viewer Favorite Vote
Video of Performance


Holiday Matsuri

"All Idolfest Rejects" Hallway Event ... December 18

Anime NYC

"Lunch Box Idol Club" Hallway Event ... November 20

Puchicon Atlantic City

Milk Pink Maid Cafe ... August 28-29
*As Cast with Milk Pink Maid Cafe
(formerly moe mahou maid cafe)

NIIAnimation Memories

New Italian Idol Alliance, Virtual ... June 27

Summer Idol Matsuri

Virtual ... June 5
Debut Event

Music FAQs

Can I cover your music?

Yes! Please let me know if you'd like to cover one of my songs-- It makes me really happy to see my music resonate so much with people that they want to do their own version!

Can I do a cover of one of your songs live?

Please contact me first if you'd like to!If a song is under a year old or I haven't had a chance to perform it live myself, i might have you wait until i've been able to perform it myself. I'm happy to provide you the materials here too!

Can I add one of your songs to my Dj set?

Yes ! Please let me know if you do!


Use this form or button below to reach me via email.

Reach Me

Summer of
Pan Ranger


Thank you for an amazing tour!!

Announcement video

Video Diary Playlist



Puchicon AC

Atlantic City, NJ
Sunday, May 14
Solo event - 12 pm



Houston, TX
June 30 to July 2

Kira kira ent
Hero Cafe
Friday, June 30 - 7:30 pm
Be Your Own Hero idol showcase: Saturday, July 1 - 11 am
Meet & greet @ 1 pm
Thank you!


Tampa, FL
July 14 to 16

Saturday, July 15 - 1 pm
Meet & greet @ 3 pm

Thank you!


Pittsburg, PA
July 20 to 23
Dance comp Guest Performance
Friday, July 21 - 2 pm
Tekko Today Live
Saturday, July 22 - 10 am
Tekko idolfest @ Stage uzume
Saturday, July 22 - 1 pm
Meet & greet - 2:30 pm

Thank you!


Washington DC
July 28 to 30
Solo event @ idolspace
Friday, July 28 - 10 pm
Meet & greet @ artist alley
Saturday, July 29 - 11 am
Yabaidoruuu Alt Idol festival
Saturday, July 29
Meet & greet - 8 pm
live - 9:30 pm

Thank you!


Socal Idolfest

torrance, ca
August 12

Solo 15 minute set @ 12 pm
meet & Greet - ALL DAY!
please come talk to me !!

Thank you!

Anime Magic

Cancelled due to flight issues
Thank you everyone for your support.


ColossalCon east

summer tour finale

Pocono mtn, Pa
September 7 to 10
CCE Summer Idol Party live!
Saturday, September 9 @ 1 pm

Thank you!

Pan Ranger Birthday Live
BRead Party!!

March 9th - 7 pm
Doors open at 6:30 pm
Tickets available now

Serenity Arts & Science Center
7510 Brous Avenue,
Philadelphia, PA 19152

Tickets $5
includes a pan ranger cheki!
Tickets available online, limited sales at door.

Performer times

6:30 - Doors open
7 pm - Show starts / Pan Ranger
7:15 - Royal
7:35 - ellainna
7:55 - uwwr
8:35 - Alex Pinku
8:55 - Pan Ranger
9:25 - Closer (All of us)

Merch tables until 11 pm